Petrified Forest of Arizona


I have always been enchanted by the ancient forest of the Arizona desert. To think this arid land was once home to such magnificent trees is difficult to imagine. How lucky we are for nature to have preserved them for us.


Laying about the sand like giant toppled Totems. A memorial to what must have been a lush and verdant landscape.


Now filled with all the natural colors of our earth. I would not be able to resist filling my pockets with bits and pieces, weighed down so heavily that I could only drag myself away.





Filed under Generations, History, inspiration, Nostalgia, Photos, Travel

4 responses to “Petrified Forest of Arizona

  1. Amazing. I saw some similar in the Catlins in the very South of New Zealand. Really makes you wonder just how long they’ve been lying there..!

  2. Wonderful work. The desert Southwest is my favorite part of the country.

    Don’t ask why I live in the Pacific Northwest. LOL.

    Found your blog via FollowFriday and Traci Law.

    Have a great weekend.

    • Thank you! While I can’t take credit for the photos since it’s been so many years since I last passed through this desert, I can for the words, love & memories of the landscape.

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