Why Did We Wish to Grow Up….

Looking back I realize how good it was to be a kid! Don’t you? Not a real care in the world. Sure there were things we thought were huge, but looking back we had it pretty darn easy! Right now I’m thinking about the pre-teen years! Teen years are a whole different can of worms to address later!

We knew instinctively how to get our way, we became masters of our parents who were at our mercy. Only they didn’t really know we were in control!

More to come later on these thoughts…..



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3 responses to “Why Did We Wish to Grow Up….

  1. youngandtwenty

    It’s amazing how looking back things are easy but so difficult in the time being! I’ve written a post to my 16 year old self that is pretty relevant to this post if you’re interested in giving it a read! http://youngntwenty.wordpress.com/2014/04/14/your-sixteen-year-old-self/

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