In Korea: Mosquitos Can Be Your Friend


They were a curious collection of  Canadian soldier-flyboys; heroes you’ve probably never heard of.

This handful, who fought in the dangerous skies above Korea six decades ago, flew in American planes,  were in an American unit, but wore Canadian uniforms.

And they weren’t technically airmen at all, but were infantry soldiers.

They were called “The Mosquitos.”

bud mcleod 2 Lieut Bud MacLeod, 2PPCLI, (left) with his USAF pilot Capt Bud Doane Jr, prior to conducting air strike on enemy positions. August, 1951. (Photo courtesy: Bud MacLeod)

Yet, somehow their harrowing experiences day-after-day as their aircraft blistered along often only a few feet over enemy positions, are scarcely known.

These men, are not to be confused with the 22 RCAF fighter pilots who were attached to USAF squadrons. These men, the Mosquitos, were different: they were combat riflemen, who flew.

Early in the war, 17 British troops were accidentally killed and 76 injured by…

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