Spring Storms

With the coming of spring, YES we will have storms. Especially in the state of Oklahoma! Being smart about it and staying as safe as possible is a given.

Along with this you need to protect your assets. After a storm has safely passed, take a look at your homes exterior. I’m thinking in particular about your roof. Yes…those shingles may not be where they were prior to the storm. High winds may strip a few (or a lot) off your roof leaving it exposed to the elements. If your roof is older, even moderately high wind may damage your shingles.

You’ll want to get this covered with a tarp ASAP. You’re looking at the possibility of major damage if you don’t. Water will find it’s way in, onto your ceiling, into your walls, into your electrical system which could lead to fire.

Think about all you have to loose by not covering up the damaged roof.

I’m pointing this out from an Insurance Agents point of view. It’s quite common that a homeowner doesn’t think of this, believe it or not.

Your home is one of the most valuable assets you own. Take care of it and it will take care of you…………….


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